A Family Business

I grew up in Montreal as the youngest of six kids. Our home was full of love and with so many of us, it was truly bustling! To top it off, our house was the neighbourhood hub… the place where all the local kids would gather. And… of course they were always hungry!

My brother Brian and I would gravitate to the kitchen to make treats; our favourite creation was Granny’s chocolate chip cookies. I vividly remember our cookie jar; held together with silver duct tape. To our young imaginations, it seemed like a bottomless pit of deliciousness!

That cookie jar was well-stocked; good thing as my brothers had an insatiable sweet tooth. I have vivid memories of us devouring the dough before it even made it to the pan! Alas, the love of cookie dough was born!

Over time, I developed a passion for baking. The process of bringing different ingredients together to create something special nurtured my soul and I loved making others smile with my cakes, bars and cookies

Fast forward to 2018. I was married with 2 amazing teen boys, and a successful and meaningful career in not-for-profit. While everything was great, I began yearning for life’s next chapter. During my search, I stumbled upon the concept of “edible cookie dough” and was immediately taken back to my childhood. It was an unmistakable “AHA” moment, full of nostalgia and excitement. My path was clear and I never looked back.

That’s when the fun began. Like a story that comes full circle, my home was now where the kids gathered, so luckily for me I had plenty of cookie dough testers around. Months of experimenting, testing and perfecting the recipes ensued.

do’licieux opened its doors in Vaudreuil, Quebec in August of 2018. A true family business, my two boys are in the kitchen and at the counter with me every day.

Our mission: to provide premium and unique homemade cookie dough treats that bring happiness and joy to the community.

I am thrilled at the chance to share do’licieux’s artisanal, homemade cookie dough with the rest of Canada and I hope to bring a little of that nostalgia for all to enjoy.

The do’licieux journey has only just begun!

– Janet